About Us

Based on the vision of its founder, Al Haj Aboo Baker bin Mohamed Maideen, to enrich the Islamic world with authentic and affordable religious knowledge, Perniagaan Jahabersa commenced its noble aim of Islamic propagation through publication in the early 1990’s. Its first publication was incidentally “ Mengenal Huruf Jawi” aimed at the pre-school children to impart the basic language process of learning Jawi alphabets. As of today, we have a mammoth collection of publication reaching a staggering figure of more than 1800 titles. In addition we also have an impressive collection of Islamic books in English. Praise be only to Allah, that many of our books are being used as text and reference books in Madrasahs and other institutions of Islamic religious learning. Our publications are highly original, absolutely reliable in information, affordable to be reached by every level of the society. Our books are available in simple editions for individuals and luxury library editions for public use. The Muslim community has every reason to lay its trust and faith in our publications as we come out very genuine and unadulterated information and explanation about Islam and its teachings. We strive hard to fulfil the ever-increasing quest and thirst for Islamic religious knowledge by the faithful. We will leave no stone unturned to see that the light of Islam shines brilliantly to enlighten its followers. The Singapore Islamic community is well supplied with all books published by Perniagaan Jahabersa by our Singapore branch, Jahabersa & Co. We thank you for visiting our web site, and please give us your feedback, which is of value to us.