Fundamental Teachings of Islam


Author : Sister Nadia
Pages : 141, Paperback
Our Ref : PJ-0552
ISBN : 983-077-601-8

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Fundamental Teachings of Islam

Synopsis :

FUNDAMENTAL TEACHINGS OF ISLAM is intended for the new converts and also for the English-speaking Muslim children who wish to understand the basic teachings of Islam. Its objective is to " give understanding and bring to practise. " This book covers the area of Tawheed (Belief) and Fiqh (practise). Areas that it covers under Tawheed are the six articles of faith, attributes of Allah and His names, Allah's prophets - their names and attributes, the essence of the Ahl As-Sunnah Wal-Jamaah belief, as well as some details on Prophet Muhammad"s family and companions. Areas of Fiqh in this book are mainly Taharah (Purification), Wuduu (Ablution) and Salat (prayer). To make it readily understandable, clear illustrations and explainations are given as to how to carry out imperative duties incumbent on all Muslims. On top of this, it also provides the Romanised pronunciations of all the Arabic verses, dhikr and duaa included in this book.

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