Method of Islamic Da'wah


Author : Abuhuraira Abdurrahman
Pages : 219, Paperback
Our Ref : PJ-1139
ISBN : 170-429-0

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Method of Islamic Da'wah

Synopsis :

Islamic Da'wah is, no doubt, an invitation to Islam itself as 'Din'(religion and way of life) laid down by Allah for the well-being of mankind. Apprently, Allah did not create men and leave them wandering in disarray without providing them with a comprehensive and all-prevading guidance on their life system designed for orderly and systematic sojourn on this earth.Such life system is the 'Islamic system'.

It maybe compared to a traffic rule which purpose, among other things, is to avert any road mishap. Everybody involved in the traffic cannot help complying with its rule for his own safety, or else, he would be inviting a fatal accident. Likewise the safety measure behind the prescription of the Islamic Da'wah.Everybody is invited to Islam irrespective of religion and ideology, not to offend him but to safeguard him against an inevitable misery. Islam in taking its safeguard measure is further compared to that of traffic safety measure where sign boards are erected for warning against possible straying off the proper road lane. Where man is vulnerable to evil temptation the Islamic Da'wah put up a very clear sign board to safeguard him against falling prey.

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