Arabic : Learn From Examples


Author : Mustaffa Abdullah
Pages : 124, Paperback
Our Ref : PJ-1890
ISBN : 978-967-308-051-9

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Arabic : Learn From Examples

Synopsis :

Arabic Learn From Examples
If you are tired of learning Arabic grammar, find it difficult to understand its rules, and just want to learn Arabic in order to be able to converse in it, you have gor the right book.
This book will teach you to speak Arabic from examples. We have intentionally skipped the rules of Arabic grammar and focused on conversational Arabic. The examples in this book are fine models of Arabic speeches that can be used in daily conversations. These are examples that you will later use in your conversations. There is something new and interestiong to learn in practically every page.
With this book as a tool for studying conversational Arabic, you will process rapidly. In a short space of time, it is expected, you will be able to converse in Aabic spontaneously. The examples in this book and the vocabularies are intended to help you achieve this.
In learning a foreign language, the learner has to build a vacabulary of his own. We have included a vocabulary list for the learner to facilatate this.
'Arabic: Learn from Examples' offers the learner a fast and effective approach to learning conversational Arabic.

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