English Made Easy Series 1 (English- English)


Author : Hanif Abdullah
Pages : 248, Paperback
Our Ref : PJ-2078
ISBN : 978-967-308-227-8

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English Made Easy Series 1 (English- English)

Synopsis :

Why You Should Try This System...
How can you study English when you do not understand it?How should you and what should you start with? What is the most crucial step to take in order to learn English effectively? How can you save time and effort and yet get the ebst result from the process of learning English? If all this while you have been asking yourself these questions, then this book will be your one-stop solution to English.
ENGLISH MADE EAST SERIES 1 will help you to understand and amster the
English language quickly and easily. This system will also reveal all the mistakes commonly made by learners while they learn and use the English in everyday life.Therefore, through this system, you will:

In this series 1, you will learn:
1.The 100 most common verbs in English
2.A List of useful adjectives
3.500 most popular English words
4.Understanding the correct usage of "Tenses"
5.The Right Pronunciation for words
6.Preposition and Conjunction explained

Price: RM 29.90

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