Berubat Dengan Diri Sendiri
Mutiara Ayat-ayat Cinta Di Dalam Al-Quran
Mengenal 90 Perintah & Larangan
Fikah Hari Jumaat : Hebatnya Kemuliaan, Keagungan & Fadhilat Hari Jumaat
230 Khutbah Rasulullah S.A.W.
Israk & Mi'raj Pengembaraan Yang Menakjubkan

Assalamu 'alaikum ( May peace be upon you).

Welcome to the official website of Perniagaan Jahabersa. We are an Islamic book publisher  based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Our publications are highly original, absolutely reliable in information and affordable by every level of the society. Our books are available in simple editions for individuals and luxury library editions for public use. The ummah have every reason to lay their trust and faith in our publications as we provide  genuine, unadulterated information and explanation about Islam and its teachings.

We strive hard to fulfil the ever-increasing quest and thirst for Islamic religious knowledge by the faithful and  will leave no stone unturned to see that the light of Islam shines brilliantly to enlighten its followers.

As of today, we have a mammoth collection of publication reaching a staggering figure of more than 1900 titles in Bahasa Melayu and an impressive collection  in English. The titles have been categorized for easier selection. Do browse through. You will definitely find something that interests you, Insya Allah.

Editor's Choice

Mukhtasar Sunan Al-Tirmidzi
PJ Ref : JC-2509
RM 150.00
Mukhtasar Sunan Ibn Majah
PJ Ref : JC-2510
RM 150.00
Mukhtasar Sunan Abu Daud
PJ Ref : JC-2511
RM 155.00
Rahsia Indera Manusia Dan...
PJ Ref : PJ-2542
RM 69.00
Ruqyah Shar'iyyah
PJ Ref : PJ-2522
RM 15.90
Mari Berdoa (Ilustrasi Berwarna)
PJ Ref : PJ-2514
RM 15.90
Mukhtasar Sunan Al-Nasa'i
PJ Ref : JC-2512
RM 160.00
Yang Dibenci & Yang Dipuji
PJ Ref : PJ-2495
RM 56.00

English Books

A Complete Guide To Sunnah Solat
PJ Ref : PJ-1603
RM 20.00
Sunnats / English
PJ Ref : JC-2317
RM 19.90
Buddhism : A Muslim Primer
PJ Ref : PJ-1504
RM 7.90
Stories Of Animals In The Quran Bk...
PJ Ref : PJ-1613
RM 7.90
The Life Of Prophet Muhammad (P.B....
PJ Ref : PJ-1412
RM 9.90
Collection Of Suraahs (Lge)
PJ Ref : PJ-1451
RM 6.90
My First Book Of Do'as 2 (...
PJ Ref : PJ-1097
RM 9.95
The Bible Or The Qur'an:...
PJ Ref : PJ-0573
RM 12.90