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Assalamu 'alaikum ( May peace be upon you).

Welcome to the official website of Perniagaan Jahabersa. We are an Islamic book publisher  based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Our publications are highly original, absolutely reliable in information and affordable by every level of the society. Our books are available in simple editions for individuals and luxury library editions for public use. The ummah have every reason to lay their trust and faith in our publications as we provide  genuine, unadulterated information and explanation about Islam and its teachings.

We strive hard to fulfil the ever-increasing quest and thirst for Islamic religious knowledge by the faithful and  will leave no stone unturned to see that the light of Islam shines brilliantly to enlighten its followers.

As of today, we have a mammoth collection of publication reaching a staggering figure of more than 1900 titles in Bahasa Melayu and an impressive collection  in English. The titles have been categorized for easier selection. Do browse through. You will definitely find something that interests you, Insya Allah.

Online 20% Discount

In conjunction with Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair (KLIBF) 2014, we are offering 20% discount on all our online titles during the month of April & May.

Editor's Choice

Cara Bijak Hidup Kaya Raya Mati...
PJ Ref : PJ-2360
RM 14.90
Cara Rasulullah Dalam Mendidik Anak
PJ Ref : PJ-2378
RM 13.90
Matahari Hati Tak Pernah Terbenam
PJ Ref : PJ-2361
RM 65.00
Merungkai Tabir Keajaiban Mimpi
PJ Ref : PJ-2396
RM 56.00
Panduan Untuk Ibu Hamil
PJ Ref : PJ-2381
RM 11.90
Seruan Dari Mimbar Islam
PJ Ref : PJ-2362
RM 49.00
Setiap Urusan Menjadi Mudah
PJ Ref : PJ-2374
RM 11.90
Memberi 10 Ribu Dibalas 10 Juta
PJ Ref : PJ-2375
RM 10.90

English Books

Prophet Joseph (Yusuf)
PJ Ref : PJ-1482
RM 5.90
Prophet Soloman (Sulaiman)
PJ Ref : PJ-1488
RM 5.90
My First Book Of Do'as 1 (...
PJ Ref : PJ-1096
RM 9.95
A Complete Guide To Fardh Solat /...
PJ Ref : PJ-1705
RM 8.90
Tauhid For Children
PJ Ref : PJ-1093
RM 9.90
Concise Dictionary : English -...
PJ Ref : PJ-0251
RM 11.90
Stories of 25 Prophets
PJ Ref : PJ-1494
RM 79.00
Prophet Hud
PJ Ref : PJ-1476
RM 5.90