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The Bible Or The Qur'an: Which Is The Word Of God

The Bible Or The Qur'an: Which Is The Word Of God

AUTHOR : Abuhuraira Abdurrahman

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IN ORDER to have a clear perception of The Bible now in the hand of the People of The Book (Jews and Christians), we have to trace the nature of its revelation, the attitude of the people to whom it has been revealed and how did they respond to it. History is evident that the Jews are well known for self-esteem, haughtiness, and vanity as reflected by their claim to be the choosen people of God. In order to justify their claim, they daringly altered some of the words of God in the revelatory Scripture. Consequently, the so-called Old Testament in their hands has lost its authenticity and purity.
The people of th New Testaments in the other hand, som,ewhat puzzled and confused regarding the real founder of the Christianity of hte Church, was it Jesus Christ or Saul? Hence, many Christian analysts are of the view that most of the teachings of the New Testaments adhered to by the Church are founded, not by Jesus, but by Saul ( a Pharisee who Grecized his name to 'Paul" to suit his self-proclaimed apostleship to Jesus). Dr. Arnold Meyer, a professor in Theology of Zurich University, has expressed in an unambiguous term that the founding of the present Christianity has been done by Saul (pseudo-disciple of Jesus,) thus
" If by Christianity we understand faith in Christ as the heavenly son of God, who did no belong to earthly human and... took upon himself a human form through a virgin, that he might make propitiation for men's sin by his own blood upon the Cross.... this is Christianity, then such Christianity was founded by St. Paul and not our lord. "
Historically, ........


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