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Learning Arabic The Simple Way

Learning Arabic The Simple Way

AUTHOR : Mustaffa Abdullah

PJ-Ref.: PJ-0658

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This book is designed for those who want to learn Arabic through self-study.
The book acquaints the learner in the begining with the alphabets of Arabic.
It then takes him to get acquainted with the different vowel points used
individually with each and every alphabet. Since words are compounded of the
alphabets and vowel points, this will teach the learner to read Arabic words
and sentences. But, it should be understood that a teacher is needed to teach
the learner to pronounce correctly the alphabets and words of Arabic. This is
because there are a number of alphabets that have no equivalent sounds in
English, especially those with the gultural sounds. Once the learner is
acquainted with the sounds of Arabic and able to pronouce them correctly, he
will be able to read words and sentences as they are written. His next step will
be learning Arabic as a language. As a begineer of Arabic, he will need to know
some basic rules of grammer. Even if, the student is learning colloquial Arabic,
a knowledge of some fundamentals of grammer at least, is essential.


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